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Personalization Predictive Analytics

The world's first predictive algorithm for hotels

Oraculo harnesses machine learning techniques to predict the behavior of visitors to your website and then personalizes both the message and the offer for each user.

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Optimize your web performance with Predictive Personalization and increase your hotel revenue

Segment website visitors in real time based on their behavior, ranging from low-intent to high-intent users (in other words, whether they are likely to book or not).

Automatically deliver highly targeted campaigns depending on the user profile to persuade them to book on your website.

The upshot? We guarantee you will receive more direct booking while maintaining a higher ADR by ensuring you only show promotions when an extra incentive is needed.

An advanced algorithm.
Millions of interactions.
Each one matters.

Using machine learning and our proprietary dataset from millions of hotel visitors, we have built a unique algorithm that predicts what users will do next. What’s more, the algorithm learns and updates incessantly to optimize results.

To a traditional website, all users look the same. With Oraculo, every user is different. We are the first to add the user into the revenue management equation.

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There’s no risk. Try our software for free for 30 days and with our integrated A/B testing, you will be able to observe a clear increase in your direct booking conversions.