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Personalization Personalization

Personalize your website for each visitor

A standard website is exactly the same for everyone yet every guest is different. Personalize the user experience, tailoring messages and offers to each individual to boost conversion rates.

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An extensive set of targeting options to display content dynamically

Is the user making a last-minute booking? Living in Paris? Coming from a TripAdvisor referral?

With over 40 built-in criteria and the option to create your own custom rules, our unique targeting system lets you easily segment users and display hyper-relevant content and promotions to maximize revenue.

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Customized message formats and optimal timing

Create powerful campaigns using a wide variety of display types and formats, all completely customizable within our tremendously easy-to-use platform. Intelligent behavioral triggers ensure you show users personalized messages at critical points in the booking process to create urgency, decrease the risk of bounce and encourage engagement.

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The right fit for every brand

With multiple formats to choose from, both pre-defined and customized, messages will always look great on your hotel's webpage.

Test and optimize campaigns and messages

Experiment with different combinations of tools and messages and use A/B testing to gauge how visitors react. Every change has an impact so your team can see results in real-time to be able to maximize your campaign’s effectiveness.

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There’s no risk. Try our software for free for 30 days and with our integrated A/B testing, you will be able to observe a clear increase in your direct booking conversions.